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Enhance your product design and display, maximize shelf space, increase shelf life and significantly reduce costs by using less packaging material - all with Stand-Up Pouches.

Stand-Up Pouches photoAlso known as stand bags or stand pouches, this package choice is becoming a preferred option for products of all sizes.

SPG uses the latest High-Speed Bartelt Stand-Up Pouch packaging technology to form fill and seal many pack sizes and designs. With in-line resealable Zip-Lock applicator, peg-hole and self-starting tear notch, your product becomes consumer friendly and easy-to-use, functional and durable on the shelf.

The baggers come attached to multiple filling equipment for different applications including: 16 head scales, Augur Fillers and pumps, the packed bags run through metal detection and check-weighing before being packed in any type of retail or display case of your choice.

For small volume or specialty needs, our semi-automated line can handle your pre-made stand-up pouches to be filled and sealed the line can also accommodate your customizes labeling and coding needs.

Count on our technology and knowledge of Stand-Up Pouch production to enhance your product offering.

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