Contract Packaging Services

Our customers count on us to deliver quality - on time - on budget. They're getting what they want! And we are grateful to have earned their loyalty.

Take a moment to review their stories supporting Superior Pack Group's Speed to Market, Quality and Integrity, and our Customization capabilities...


On Speed to Market:

"When our company was in the middle of launching our new Gummy Snacks product we surprisingly got an approval to get an introduction into the retail giant "Wal-Mart". Shipping product to Wal-Mart is never an easy task, but getting it done in short notice makes the task even more difficult to execute.

We turned to the experts! Superior Pack group with their expertise and knowledge responded with a team effort to get the first order done right the first time. They did not miss a beat and the rewards did not fail to come. To this day we proudly ship every month our fascinating product to Wal-Mart and to many other large chain stores and mass market distributors, packed and serviced by the one and only Superior pack Group!"

On Quality and Integrity:

"Product recalls are the last thing a company wants to deal with in real life. The bad PR and the anxiety to maintain the shelf space come under surprise notice and require complicated paper work for regulatory agencies and consumer advocates in short period of time.

On a quite weekend in 2006, we were suddenly notified of consumer complaints related to our well known branded products. Complaints came in large numbers and brought up concerns to our Quality Assurance department... fearing of the need to recall several lots from store shelves and distribution.

While QA was investigating the source and nature of the complaint, we turned to SPG who has been our co-packer for over a decade. We asked them to provide the lot-code tracking information for different lot numbers, preparing for what might be a wide spread recall. While industry standards require a recall to be executed in a short period of time, SPG beat the standard by far - within 1 hour of notice. Superior was able to provide detailed tracking information on several millions of retail packages with details such as; Product origin, dates packed and shipping destination. And, they did it all in an organized fashion, comprehensive and articulate.

Despite the fact that the recall had been saved and was only a scare, our trust and confidence in SPG was strengthened, giving us a sense of assurance that our product is being handled and trusted in the right hands."

On Customization:

"As a company you are always looking to have an edge over your competitors on the shelves - something unique and special for the consumer differentiating from the typical line item. Our Marketing team did just that. They designed a unique package that would stand out in the store aisles and would appeal to consumers on their shopping sprees.

But the real challenge was getting the package created and packed, cost effectively and in a timely manner. With no capabilities to do this in house we had to turn to contract packaging. Through the Contract Packaging Association we were introduced to SPG and that was the answer to all our questions.

SPG responded rapidly, created custom parts in their own maintenance shop and designed a unique assembly line specifically for our product line, all for a minimal investment, and went on to complete this special package efficiently to everyone's satisfaction. That special package gave our brand the lift it needed and we went on to build a strong long-lasting brand, thanks to SPG's devotion and knowledge."

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